Workshops & Retreats


Breathe – In-depth Yoga Sessions

3 sessions around breathing, for new and experienced practitioners who want to understand and deepen their work with the breath and bandhas, on & off the mat. AND for teachers wishing to expand their toolkit with different ways to teach the use and context of breath in practice and life.

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Art of Teaching – In-depth Course

10 sessions of 4 hours each and one intensive weekend, in which we will enhance the toolbox to effectively support students and explore poses and patterns, if via hands-on assist or verbal guidance, if related to the body, mind or the daily routine.

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Hands-On Assist Yoga Workshop

In-depth workshop targetted to Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners interested in broadening skills for supporting students and exploring Yoga poses.

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Wake up! – Yoga & Sound Retreat

A long weekend in the desert to wake up and leave our comfort zone through yoga practices alongside LIVE sounds, vocal work, sound meditations and self-enquiry. Led by Alit and musician Yotam Agam.

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Cleanse for Change – Yoga & Detox Retreat

3-4 days of tranquility, body cleansing and movement, clarity of mind and seeing, and heart opening. A transformational experience that continues echoing when returning home.

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Freedom & bonds – Yoga Retreat

3-4 days of tranquility, freedom of body and mind, and creativity. A transformational experience that continues echoing when returning home.

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International Yoga Day 2020_thumb

International Yoga Day Celebration

You’re welcome to join Anton and Alit to celebrate the International Yoga Day and Summer Sotice through a traditional meditative practice of 108 sun salutations alongside LIVE music and mantra chanting, on the rooftop of Herzl 16

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Eye of the Storm – Workshop

3.5 hours of movement, stillness, and exploration of balance and serenity in the midst of constant change and loss of control.
The workshop will take place at a cosy & homey space.

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Coming Home – Meditation & Satsang

Meditation & heart-to-heart conversation (satsang), at Alit’s home. This week we’ll explore change – it’s nature, how we deal with it and the feeling of losing control.

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