Breathe – In-depth Yoga Sessions

3 sessions around breathing, on and off the mat, in movement and sitting. You can also join a single session.
Breathing, one of the basic, vital and instructive processes that unfolds within us.
It holds the power to calm and support movement and posture, to let go and empower, to warm up and cool down.
In the sessions

  • We will explore practical tools that support the physical practice of yoga – Ujjayi breathing, bandhas, synchronization of breath and movement
  • We will learn and experiment with a number of breathing techniques to emphasize the energetic and mental work
  • Through discourse, and from the perspective of the yoga tradition, we will examine the principles of letting go and releasing, growth and movement, balance and giving, in our daily life.

Session 1: Fundamentals of Breath and Release

November 5, 2021

  • Learning and working with the Ujjayi breath, including related work with the bandhas
  • Pranayama – emphasizing exhalation
  • Practice – Slow Vinyasa with a focus on alignment and finishing with a short Yin Yoga session.
  • Discourse about leaving and letting go.

Session 2: Growth and Movement

November 26, 2021

  • Learning and practicing to keep stable continuous breath and connection to the bandhas, while moving dynamically
  • Pranayama – emphasizing inhalation
  • Practice – Dynamic Vinyasa
  • Discourse about growth and learning, in and from our daily routine.

Session 3: Balance and Giving

December 17, 2021

  • Exploration of the power of breath as a tool to support challenging poses
  • Pranayama – Nadi Shodhana
  • Practice – Vinyasa with focus on heart-opening and (legs/arms-) balancing poses
  • Discussion on maintaining an inner balance within a stormy surrounding.

Who is it for

Breathing is such a powerful and useful tool that this series of sessions is suitable for everyone!
For new and experienced practitioners who want to understand, establish and deepen their work with breathing and bandhas, on and off the mat.
For teachers who wish to expand their teaching toolkit and explore different ways to effectively teach the use of breath in practice, and its relevant contexts in life.


3 hours each session, Fridays, 11: 00-14: 00


Yoga with a Smile studio, 39 Nachmani street, Tel Aviv


Price per session:
180 NIS for everyone
150 NIS for card holders of Yoga with a Smile

For all 3 sessions: 400 NIS

Sign up

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