Yoga practice in the studio is inspired by the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga approach – a dynamic method that encourages perspiration and detoxification, and develops flexibility, physical strength and fitness and accelerated metabolism.

Combined with other elements of yoga, such as meditation and observation, the practice provides physical and mental stamina, enhanced concentration and improved data processing and sensory perception. At the end of a practice we will feel mental clarity, peacefulness and happiness.

The practice begins with a few minutes of meditation and breathing exercises for releasing the stress of our daily lives and the swarm of thoughts running through our minds. Followed by a dynamic, challenging and liberating practice, the session ends in a calm and pampering atmosphere with tea and cookies.

Practices are conducted in Hebrew and English, depending on the group dynamics.

The classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners who have never experienced yoga, to advanced yogis. All closely guided by a certified teacher.