Hands-On Assist Yoga Workshop

If we’re dealing with super challenging poses or basic ones, hands-on adjustment can truly assist in supporting and evolving one’s practice or become a trigger for an injury.

Join me in this 3.5 hrs Hands-on Asist Workshop, where we’ll explore why, when, and how to apply effective and kind hands-on adjustments. We will experience listening in its wider sense, through observation and touch techniques, explore key hip opening and forward bending poses, and learn various ways of approach and adjustments for each pose.

Workshop structure

  • Short warm-up
  • Key fundamentals and approach to Hands-on Assists
  • Asanas exploration through various tactics of hands-on adjustments for each pose, including
    • observation, giving and receiving assists
    • highlighting the underlying movement patterns for each pose
    • learning how to avoid common injuries and use the assists as an actual support mechanism
  • Closing discussion and Q&A


  • Teachers will gain confidence with more tools to effectively support students in their own journey.
  • Experienced yoga practitioners will gain a deeper understanding of the subtleties of the physical / energetic yoga practice, in particular those of hip opening and forward bending.


Early birds price of 65 Euros is available until Friday, August 20, 2021.
As of August 21, price will rise to 75 Euro.


To register, please contact Brenda at 622191157 or Alit via WhatsApp at +972-546377444.
Space is limited, so make sure to save your spot and register asap.

About Alit

Veteran E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher, thai massage therapist, novice musician, and a loving being, who’s known for her dynamic, playful and thorough approach to teaching, alongside her attentive and supportive hands-on adjustments. Alit leads classes, workshops, and retreats internationally, where she uses the physical practice and heart-to-heart discussions to explore philosophical ideas from the yogi tradition and integrate them in a modern lifestyle.