A certified and experienced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Thai yoga massage therapist, Alit is known for her dynamic, playful yet thorough approach to teaching, peacefully blending the spiritual and practical in her classes. Based in Tel Aviv, Alit leads classes, workshops, and retreats locally and internationally, where she uses the physical practice and discussions to explore philosophical ideas from the yogi scriptures and integrate them in a modern lifestyle.

Alit is a dedicated student of one of Israel’s leading yoga teachers, Shimon Ben-Avi. Being his close and longtime student, she has been an assistant in his two-year teacher trainings and various workshops around Israel. Alit has also studied with various teachers worldwide following different approaches, including Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Ganesh Mohan, Gert van Leeuwen, and Sri Sheshadri.

Alit also holds a BA in International Business, an MSc in Marketing and over a decade of experience in the hi-tech industry in marketing and managerial roles. With feet rooted in the ground, a compassionate heart that goes out to all living creatures, and a passionate soul that seeks to explore our true Self, Alit’s work as a yoga practitioner and teacher focuses on combining yoga into daily life.

“My first encounter with yoga was at the age of 3. Years of dancing and the intensity of the hi-tech life style had led me back to yoga; the initial reason being physical support. With time and practice, and inspired by my dear teacher, I discovered a whole new world, as well as myself, until one day, the mission of coping with my daily life became easy and fun. The way I see it, I have gained the best of both worlds – strength and flexibility of the body, and calmness and balance of the mind. This I share with individuals participating in classes and workshops, in an attempt to support each one in their own personal journey.”