Yoga In-depth Course

A practical approach connecting the yogic philosophy and practice to daily life

This course is designed to help both yoga practitioners and teachers to develop a personal Yoga practice in all dimensions (physical, mental, spiritual).

Through a series of 12 weekly intimate and profound sessions delving into the yoga tradition, on and off the mat, we take a journey to the unknown.

Each session will explore a different topic through the practice of meditation, pranayama, and asanas (yoga postures), and a discussion on its implications on- and application to our daily life.

The framework of the course will allow us to reach and examine dimensions of the yoga practice that in regular classes we usually don’t get to. You will get practical tools to continue your exploration between the sessions and will be able to then bring questions that came up in the following session for further discussion.

Sessions Structure

Around 2.5 hours are allocated to experiencing the practice of meditation, pranayama, dynamic asana practice and exploration of aspects in the physical practice (exploring postures, including hands-on adjustments, reducing tension and effort, practicing as per current state of mind and body, etc). The remaining 60 minutes are allocated to a discussion that combines a dialog with yogic scriptures (e.g. yoga sutra, Upanishads, etc), insights from the physical practice, and yogic tools that can assist in dealing with the scenarios we encounter in our daily life.

Registration and Details

Details on the upcoming course, including topics, schedule, and cost, will be published soon. To see details on the latest course visit the page of the Autumn 2018 term.

To talk with Alit and to register, contact [email protected] or 0546377444.