Soft Yoga Flow for relaxation and balance

This 32 min gentle flow is suitable for times where the body or mind require a soft approach. This sequence is also appropriate for women during pregnancy or menstruation (see special instructions below the video). When practicing with this video…

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Short Ashtanga Practice: Primary Series

In this 1 hr class we’ll practice a short version of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary series. We’ll experience a dynamic yet balanced practice that incorporates a quality of softness and meditation. Many see the physical approach of the Ashtanga…

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Heart Opening Yoga Flow

In this 12 min sequence of yoga postures we’ll access the area of the heart and the Anahata chakra. This includes the chest, upper back, shoulder blades, and shoulders. Often when we’re stressed out or feeling blue, this area closes,…

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Yoga flow to open those hips

This 10 min yoga flow awakens the hip area and access the Muladhara chakra and Svadhisthana chakra. The hip holds our fears and desires, and according to the yoga tradition is the source of the kundalini energy. Modifications: As of…

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Meditation and Ujjayi Breath

Short meditation and yogic breathing (Ujjayi) to start the day, improve concentration, and relax the train of thoughts. In this video we’ll experience a short meditation and learn the principles of the Ujjayi breath.

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Morning stretches, before practice, or whenever

A video that offers a sequence of mainly supine postures to release body stiffness, lengthen the back of the legs, and open the hips and shoulders. If you’re looking for a shorter practice, I split this video into 4 parts,…

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