Master Class

A long yoga practice (2-2.25 hrs long) where we practice meditation, pranayama, asanas (poses) and explore aspects of the physical practice (exploring advanced poses, reducing tension and effort, practicing as per current state of mind and body, etc).

This class offers a dynamic flow of yoga poses inspired by the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method. At times we will practice one of the ashtanga series as is, while other times will include varying flows of poses in a dialogue with the different series.

Time & Location

Master Classes are taking place on Fridays at 11 am, in the studio at Nakhmani street.


Classes-card holder: 20 ILS on top of one card’s class
Drop-in price (with no card): 70 ILS

For prices of standard classes and classes cards, see Prices.

Beyond the physical practice

This master class is in fact the first part of a Yoga Deepening Course that takes place in the studio and is available for anyone to join. The second part is only available for course participants. Details below.

The course includes 12 weekly intimate and profound sessions delving into the yoga tradition, on and off the mat.

It is suitable for both yoga practitioners and teachers interested in deepening their practice and teaching, and exploring Yoga as a way of life.

The second part of the course is allocated to a discussion that combines a dialog with yogic scriptures (e.g. yoga sutra, Upanishads, etc), insights from the physical practice, and offers yogic tools that can assist in dealing with the scenarios we encounter in our daily life. For more details on the course