Eye of the Storm – Workshop

3.5 hours of movement, stillness of the mind, and exploration of practical tools for finding balance and serenity in the midst of constant change and loss of control.
The past few months brought with them great fluctations, change, and uncertainty. Yet, for some of us, this period also brought peacefullness and significant insights.

Through a practice of yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and a practical conversation, we’ll explore ways for cultivating balance and serenity in the midst of constant change and the sense of losing control. We’ll also inquire into how to maintain the insights that arised even when we’re back to our ouw routine.

The workshop is suitable for practitioners with all levels of experience, however is recommended to those with at least 1 year experience in the practice of yoga.

Workshop includes

  • Dynamic practice, focusing on balance poses (standing, sitting, and inverted)
  • Exploration of the concept of rooting and the physical/energetic aspects of “lifting”
  • Breathing and meditation techniques
  • Heart-to-heart conversation from the yogic perspective, inquring and offering practical tools for dealing with the sense of losing control and the turmoils we’re encountering in our daily life.


Saturday, July 4, 09:30-13:00


18 Arik Lavie street, Herzliya B – cosy and homey yoga space


200 ILS – for early birds until June 24, 2020
250 ILS – as of June 25, 2020


To register, please call Efrat at 0523801543.
Space is limited, so register asap.