Coming Home – Meditation & Satsang

A new series of sessions that include meditation & heart-to-heart conversation (satsang), at Alit’s home.

The aim of these encounters is to allow participants to experience various meditation techniques, alongside a deep dive into the yogic philosophy and its proposed self inquiry approaches, so we can reduce suffering, encourage transformation, and enable a calm and connected daily routine that is full of joy and love.

This is an opportunity to receive or enhance the tools you have for sitting (what often we call meditation), be supported by fellow practitioners, dive to the depths of the Yogic point of view, and experience it’s practicality.

Theme of this session

This time the topic is change – it’s nature, how we deal with it and the feeling of losing control. The media turmoil around the world and the way we are forced to conduct ourselves in certain ways, bring a beautiful opportunity for exploration and growth.
On top, there will be time for participants to ask questions or raise topics on which they’re looking to shed the light of the Yogi philosophy.


This session will take place on Friday, March 20, at 14:30-16:00


Sessions will take place at Alit’s home, in the center of Tel Aviv


Each session costs 50 ILS or a can be taken off your Yoga Smile’s card. If you want to join but feel that you currently can’t afford it, please come anyway. It’ll be fine.


For more details and registration, please contact Alit at 0546377444 or