Cleanse for Change – Yoga & Detox Retreat

In the time when wildflowers are blooming, trees are budding, and our mind tend to be restless, you’re invited to retreat from your routine, and embark a 4 days transformational experience in a natural reserve and a serene village (Moshav Odem) at the north of the Golan Heights. In an aim that it will continue echoing when returning home.

odem2020 yoga & detox Retreat

On the Retreat

Following a year that forces us to face deprivation, limitations and distance, some of us find ourselves experiencing constriction, loneliness, stagnation and downfall. Sometimes changing environments, connecting to nature’s beauty and power, and supported by appropriate guidance, make all the difference.

Spring is optimal for cleansing processes (physical, emotional and energetic), and being a transition season, it holds an invitation for change. Inspired by it, we will dedicate the retreat to clearing space, purifying the body and mind, and building tools for growth and transformation in the daily reality.

Alongside detox nutrition, we will be embraced by a supportive environment – walks and sitting in nature, an intimate atmosphere in a magical hostel, yoga practice (poses, breathing, meditation, and sounds), conversations in the spirit of the yoga tradition. In between, we’ll have time for socializing and be alone, we’ll experience Thai massage, relax and recharge.

Join us to find expansion instead of constriction, release instead of tension, curiosity instead of fear, and joy instead of frustration and sadness.


  • Connect with nature and yourself by disconnecting from the daily grind
  • Immerse yourself in your practice in a way you can’t do during day-to-day busy life
  • Restore clarity of body, mind and heart
  • Return home at peace, feeling refreshed and energized to deal with daily routine

Highlights of the 3 or 4 days

  • 3 days of light detox + 1 day of healthy delicious vegan food (to gently get back to post-cleanse nutrition)
  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Daily Meditation and Pranayama sessions
  • Spiritual & inspirational conversations – ‘Satsangs’
  • Personal advisory talks with Alit
  • Thai Massage class
  • Nutrition Workshop: Maintaining supportive nutrition for vitality & clarity (Post cleanse)
  • Nutrition Workshop: Meals planning to lower barriers and stress around preparing healthy and supportive meals
  • Guidance of a professional naturopath before and during cleanse (Talia Shaw)
  • Sauna
  • Walks in nature
  • Resting time
  • Endless LOVE and CARE
  • Optional, at an additional cost: massage sessions (to be confirmed)

Highlights of the 4 days only

It is possible to join only the first 3 days of the retreat, in this case the following options will NOT be included:

  • Talia’s healthy delicious meals (as a gentle post-cleanse nutrition)
  • Personal advisory talks with Alit
  • Nutrition Workshop about Meals planning
  • Practices and conversations taking place in the last 24 hrs


Thursday, March 18 at 13:00, until Sunday, March 21 at 15:00.


Odem settlement (Moshav) – located at the north of the Golan Heights, within a natural reserve and 1100 meters above sea level.
Accomodation is in shared rooms (2-4 ppl per room) at the Golan Heights Hostel and Odem-Inn.
Practice takes place at Hila Monchas’ Yurt – Mama Yurta.


Costs vary depending on the selected type of room. Early birds prices (until January 31, 2020):
For four days – between 1760 – 2000 NIS per person
For three days – between 1350 – 1440 NIS per person

*For details on private accommodations, contact Alit.
**As of February 1, 2021, prices will increase by 10%.


To register, contact Alit at 0546377444,, or at the studio, and pass a downpayment of 500 ILS.
The workshop is limited to 18 participants, so it is recommended that you register asap.

Planned Schedule

Coming up soon.