Yoga Immersion Retreat – Content in details

Here you can get a full description of the content of the “Self-Discovery & Transform” Yoga Immersion Retreat I’ll be leading in Costa Rica this Summer, August 3-10, 2019.
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Being in the special land of Costa Rica, in the middle of astonishing nature, we’ll experience and play with the 5 elements, connecting to our true nature.
We’ll do so via:

  • Lunar & Solar flow Yoga practices
  • Walking and seated meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Satsangs – spiritual & inspirational conversations
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Spontaneous movement
  • Adventures such as surfing & hiking
  • Gentle detox, nourishing our body with organic seasonal food, and a menu suitable for each element


We’ll explore physical & philosophical concepts from the Yogi tradition, examine how they manifest in our daily lives, and deepen our understanding of an energetic yoga flow practice.
We’ll do so by exploring:

  • The mechanism of the mind and what prevents us from leading calm & joyful life
  • Key patterns in the Yoga practice and decoding challenging poses
  • The concept of effortless effort

Transform & Integrate

We’ll get tools to incorporate all that we’ve experienced and learned back into our daily life, including:

  • How to tap into the space & joy found during the retreat in the day-to-day routine.
  • How to flow in life and in the yoga practice with minimum resistance
  • How to practice in a way that will maintain and increase our energy levels, instead of exhaust them even more.
  • How to cook & eat healthy with minimum effort and time.

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