In-Depth Yoga Course – Principles of the pose, adjustments, & mind

Practical approach connecting the yogic philosophy and practice to daily life

Looking to better understand familiar yoga postures or explore new postures that seem impossible? Interested in exploring our body structures, learn to avoid overloading your joints and effective adjustments techniques?
Can relate to the yogic viewpoint but can’t get the practicality and applicability of it to your daily routine? Finding it difficult to develop a home practice?
Yoga Deepening Course - Adjustments

You’re invited to participate in a series of 8 weekly intimate and profound sessions delving into the yoga tradition, on and off the mat. A journey to the unknown.

This time, we’ll emphasize the energetic dimension, including the 7 chakras and 5 elements (earth, fire, water, air, ether), in the physical and mental practice.

  • We’ll become familiar with our body and way to work with it, on our own and through hands-on adjustments.
  • We’ll learn to listen to the energetic movement in the various yoga poses
  • We’ll explore the mechanism of the mind, on its binds and activity throughout our daily life.

We’ll walk inwardly on the path of Yoga, through dynamic practice, exploration and adjustment of poses, pranayama and meditation practices, and Satsang (spiritual dialogue).

The framework of the course will allow us to reach and examine dimensions of the yoga practice that in regular classes we usually don’t get to. You will get practical tools to continue your exploration between the sessions and will be able to then bring questions that came up in the following session for further discussion.

“Before I practiced with Alit, I never felt truly connected to yoga as a philosophy or exercise… Alit changed everything for me. She is so well educated in the practice, on and off the mat, and really teaches it so well…Her adjustments are always perfect. Alit brings so much knowledge and depth to every session.”
Tovah Coldham

Who is it for?

This course is designed to help both yoga practitioners and teachers to enhance their familiarity with the body -mind mechanisms coming into play on and off the mat.

The use of hands-on adjustments will allow practitioners to better understand the poses and for teachers to enhance their adjustments tool kit.

Sessions Structure

Around 2.5 hours are allocated to experiencing the practice of meditation, pranayama, dynamic asana practice and exploration of aspects in the physical practice (exploring postures, hands-on adjustments, reducing tension and effort, practicing as per current state of mind and body, etc). The remaining 60 minutes are allocated to a discussion that combines a dialog with yogic scriptures (e.g. yoga sutra, Upanishads, etc), insights from the physical practice, and yogic tools that can assist in dealing with the scenarios we encounter in our daily life.

Selected course’s themes

  • Study of the self, listening, and building a daily practice
  • The forces that drive our daily life and those that block us
  • Hands-on adjustments: benefits, setting intention, how to touch, specifics for key poses
  • Rooting vs. leaning, in the physical practice and life
  • Heart opening – what allows and prevents it, and how
  • Bandhas – the power from within, doing and non-doing
  • Twists & Asymmetry – letting go and finding inner balance
  • Yin and Yang – on and off the mat

Where, when, and how much

The course includes 8 weekly sessions, each 3.5 hours long.

Sessions will take place on Fridays at 11:00-14:30, on 39 Nahmani street, Tel Aviv, as of October 5, 2018.

Dates of course: October 5*, October 12, October 19, October 26, November 9, November 16, November 23, November 30.

*The course might start on October 12, instead of the 5th, in which case the final session will be on December 7. Registrants will receive advanced notification should this change take place.

The course costs 1100 ILS*
*Course participants are entitled to a 10% discount on studio classes during the duration of the course. Also, in case a participant misses a course class, s/he can come instead to a std. class at Yoga with a Smile studio, free of charge.


Please contact Alit to register in advance for the course, through email or 0546377444.
You can also contact Avital (assistant), through or 0546203066.
Avital participated in several cycles of the course and will be happy to share her experiences with you.