Kirtan – Mantra Chanting

I am thrilled to invite you to another evening that is dedicated to healing and joy through chanting together.

Chanting opens the heart; stills, focuses and calms the mind; and offers the benefits of a yoga class or meditation, without the struggle or the striving to concentrate.

Using the ancient Sanskrit language, chanting stimulates the Chakras and each mantra invites different qualities into our lives.

Come with love!


Alit Bar Sadeh, Anton Koliadko, Sophia Ton.

Anton Koliadko – singer, musician, composer, song writer, vocal coach, guitar teacher, Hatha Yoga and Nada (Sound) Yoga teacher.

Alit Bar Sadeh – experienced Yoga teacher who, in recent years dove deep into the ocean of music and bhakti practices.

Sophia Ton – percussionist, drummer and a song writer that plays a wide range of instruments mixing styles and influences from around the world.


Saturday, March 14, 2020 @ 5-7pm


11b Marzuk and Azar street, Jaffa-Tel Aviv
For exact floor and flat, see registration details below.

It is recommended that you bring a comfortable cushion to sit on


50 shekels at the door
If you find it difficult to pay, please come anyway! No worries.

*Details &Registration*

Details &Registration

Our hosting home is limited to 25 participants s registration is needed. 0546377444 (Alit).

We truly believe in the power of Mantra chanting and singing to heal, open the heart and manifest one’s heart’s desire.
Join us :-)