Art of Teaching – In-depth Course

Teaching and Exploration Tools and Fundamentals

Expand your toolkit to effectively support students and explore poses and patterns, if via hands-on assist or verbal guidance, if related to the body, mind or the daily routine.

10 sessions of 4 hours each and one intensive weekend, in which we will explore, experience, talk and enrich one another. This is an invitation to an encounter – with ourselves, with teaching tools, with colleagues, with lots of love and compassion, and hopefully with quite a bit of inspiration.


The course includes learning, experiencing, and tools for the purpose:

  • Exploration of key movement patterns and postures with an emphasis on Energetic alignment (forward bending, deep hip openings, twists, back-bending, balances)
  • Supportive Teaching – Approach, Intention, Guidance, and Hands-on Assists
  • Working with the Bandhas – Various tools for exploration and guidance
  • Structured creativity and personal attention within a heterogeneous group practice – Building sequences around a specific theme / pose / movement pattern, integrating pregnant women in “regular” group practice, modifications in practicing working with injuries.
  • Deepening and Expanding – A practical and authentic integration of Yoga philosophy in classes and workshops

Beyond the course sessions, home assignments will be given to allow participants to experiment with the tools learned, present them and receive feedback and support.

Average session structure:

  • Intro to the session’s topic and guiding principles
  • Warm-up
  • Poses and movement patterns exploration through explanations, guidance and hands-on assits with alternating partners
  • ‘Case presentation’ (following home assignemnt or current session) and feedback
  • Short break
  • Philosophy and Q&A



  • Gain confidence with more tools to effectively support students in their own journey.
  • 60 credit hours of Continuing Education, recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Experienced Yoga Practitioners:

  • Pick up multiple techniques for approaching key yoga poses from the teacher’s perspective.
  • Diving deep into the physical, energetic and philosophical dimensions of yoga.

About Alit

Veteran E-RYT 500 Yoga teacher, thai massage therapist, novice musician, and a loving being, who shares with studends the spirit of yoga and its practice using a dynamic, playful and thorough approach to teaching. With over a decade of teaching experience, including many classes, workshops and cycles of in-depth/continuing education courses, Alit is known for her hands-on assits, depth and precision to which she aims when exploring poses, and the practical clarity with which she incorporates philosophical ideas from modern yogic tradition through the physical practice and heart-to-heart conversations.

“My wish for this course is that you come out with confidence in your enhanced toolbox, in your abilities to continue exploring and evolving, and in the ability to teach and support each one’s personal journey.
Beyond all those practical and important tools, I hope that together we will maintain humility and an open heart to every approach, person and way! “


Sessions days & times: Mondays, 11:00-15:00
Course Period: October 11 – December 20, 2021
An intensive weekend is scheduled for December 10-11.


Yoga with a Smile studio, Tel Aviv


Early birds price available until September 15, 2021 – 2300 NIS (52 hours face-to-face)
Full price, starting September 16 – 2800 NIS

In addition, estimated cost (accommodation and meals) of the intensive weekend, Friday-Saturday – 400-500 NIS per person *

*If a weekend with accommodation is not possible, it will take place in a studio in Tel Aviv.


To sign-up, contact Alit on 0546377444, or Mor on 0542209026, or email